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Ben Merens Testimonial Slider

Ben Merens: Speaking Topics and Credentials

How We H.E.A.L. When We Communicate:

Ben shows how anyone can build productive and long-lasting relationships by bringing four basic traits of Humor, Empathy, Attitude and Leadership (HEAL) into our daily interactions with others. He breaks down how messages can be given and received most effectively in the workplace, in dealing with difficult people, in all-important personal relationships, and how healing can be found in so many memorable moments of our lives.

Your Customer Is Your Best Storyteller:

Ben can introduce companies and organizations to storytelling techniques that not only bring in customers, but also encourage their ongoing identification and engagement with a company’s mission. When companies learn to incorporate the interests and feedback of customers into their own branding narratives, they build strong foundations for community, loyalty, and bottom line profitability.

Listen Up If You Want To Be Heard!

In today’s multiple messaging world, it’s more important than ever that companies and organizations find way to insure their marketing messages are being heard. Ironically, it is not the glitziest or most complex storyline that captures the public’s imagination. Rather companies thrive when they focus on relational rather than simply transactional connections with clients. Ben has more than two decades of experience bringing audiences of all demographic mixes to his radio and speaker platforms, and he can teach corporations, civic groups and educators the critical tools for building loyalty through relational messaging and focused listening an response techniques.

Making Complex Workplace Issues Simple and Relevant:

Ben can teach managers, facilitators, and human resource professionals critical communications techniques to understand and engage with others on complex issues affecting American business today (for example, in ares of healthcare, trade policies or government regulations).

Navigating The New Social Networks:

Today’s business and personal connections are being built on a combination of new and traditional communications platforms, including social media, team meetings, and remote emailing and video conferencing. With more than two decades of building loyal and engaged audience relationships via the “remote” medium of radio, Ben can provide audiences with techniques to establish those crucial connections of trust availability and responsiveness in all aspects of our spoken and written communications, no matter the networking platform. He will share with audience “improv storytelling” techniques, role-playing exercises, and script techniques for use with both traditional and new communications media.

 Achieving Holistic Health (Stress Management Through Techniques of Focused Listening and Uni-Tasking):

Research has shown that today’s multitasking and fast-paced world plays havoc with our emotional, mental and physical health. The use of painkillers and anxiety medicines among Americans is at an all-time high. Ben has pioneered specific ways of focusing our listening skills and can share his insights into attaining health through listening and “uni-tasking” with general audience, medical providers, educational and civic groups.

Specialized Sub-Topics:

  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • The Art and Science of The Interview (for HR and Business Professionals, Trainers, Advocates, Mediators and/or Care Providers)
  • Public Speech Coaching
  • Improvisational Listen And Response Techniques To Enhance Communications In Any Situation