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Both in your business and personal lives, you are the stories you tell. This is how you’re remembered and how you “sell” yourself.

No matter what information you have to share, there is no better way to have it remembered than to share it inside a good story. Ben has been collecting stories since obtaining his Masters of Science degree in journalism from Northwestern University in 1983.

Ben shares his stories (and the stories of others) through his own speaking endeavors, via his broadcasting efforts, in storytelling competitions and training, and through his singing and songwriting.

Ben also thrives when helping others share their stories. There is an art to storytelling and the beauty of this art is that everyone is a storyteller, according to Ben. But some of us can use some help in refining our storytelling practices.

Ben offers storytelling training to individuals, business groups and families. His technique centers on teaching you to trust your own voice and allow it to develop through your unique, personalized way of sharing the stories that mean the most to you. And, Ben also teaches you how to serve other storytellers in your work and personal lives by being a good listener.