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Podcast Network International (PNI)

Ben formed Podcast Network International (PNI), in conjunction with The Vistelar Group in Milwaukee, because he foresaw the shift from broadcast radio to web radio as he completed his 21-year run at Wisconsin Public Radio and he wanted to be a driving force inside this current “talk-casting” transition.

“Podcasting allows people to control when and how their voice will be disseminated. It also allows listeners to choose when and where they will listen to programs that they care about,” Ben said.

PNI formed, in part, to help showcase Ben Merens and help him maintain his “brand” as a radio broadcaster known throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest from his WPR career – most recently as the host of “At Issue With Ben Merens.” It also formed to help further the mission of The Brand XLerator Company to help others leverage their authority through voicing their expertise.

PNI plans to develop professionally produced and hosted programs for business clients of The Vistelar Group and The Brand XLerator Company. To this end, Ben uses the phrase “storycasting” to explain how PNI adds value to the marketing and branding needs of its clients.