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Unified Marketing

21st century business practices demand that companies develop and maintain an Internet presence and brand position. Ben addresses this need through the practice of “Unified Marketing.” This is how The Brand XLerator Company (BXL) crafts a marketing presence for both its clients and customers. As BXL’s media director, Ben joined the firm to help teach companies, big and small, how to use “Unified Marketing” practices to their advantage in setting and meeting company goals.

“Unified Marketing” allows a firm to streamline its marketing message through a focused distribution of essential content to clients, customers and internal audiences as well. This practice includes written, audio and video messages, and the BXL proprietary software program called the Content XLerator.

Ben’s five-year run as the host of Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Everybody’s Business” gave him a unique business education. While talking to the nation’s leading business and economic visionaries, Ben learned how to conduct business for success and how failing to do so can lead to a catastrophic demise.
At the heart of Ben’s education was the lesson that your story sells you and it must be told in an engaging fashion.

Ben combines his business radio past and Brand XLerator present to share tips with audiences about how to take what you do and share it in ways to create interest, expertise and profits.