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At Issue with Ben Merens

Ben’s calm and soothing voice guided tens of thousands home each weekday afternoon for 8 years as he hosted, “At Issue With Ben Merens” on the Ideas Network of Wisconsin Public Radio. Ben’s audience spanned Wisconsin, parts of Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois and included Internet listeners on a daily basis from as far away as Israel and Japan.

Ben’s charge was to look at the day’s news and turn lead topics into engaging and informative radio in the span of six hours. Over time, Ben also added a healthy dose of lifestyle conversations that became his favorite program topics. He says his audience inspired him on a daily basis and allowed him to unequivocally refer to “At Issue” as the best job in broadcasting.

Ben’s loyal followers continually have urged him to return to broadcasting after he signed off on February 1st of 2013 and he has heard the call. As part of his PNI development process, he made “At Issue” a cornerstone of the new network’s programming.

The program’s initial return will focus on Ben’s voice but will include the addition of guests and callers as the program develops. He plans to maintain his professional objectivity but share a little more personality.