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Listening Education

Ben firmly believes that when people hone their listening skills, all aspects of their lives improve. “Focused listening can enhance relationships at home and increase profits at work,” Ben said. “Unfortunately, poor listening skills can have the opposite effect in both places.”

Ben’s listening talk centers on “The Three Levels of Listening” that expert listeners have mastered, “The Four Faces of Empathic Listening” that expert listeners have learned to see, and “The Five Maxims” that expert listeners have used to treat others with dignity in order to earn their respect.

Great listening begins with the self and by being present. Ben practiced this art in front of thousands on a daily basis with no “safety net.” He says, “I never fell because I stayed tuned in. I listened to both my guests and callers as if my life depended on it, because frankly, it did.

Ben also says that great listeners aren’t born. They are taught. He can teach you and the organizations you own, support and/or work for to be better at this essential life skill. All you have to do is ask.