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Host Your Podcast

Podcasting, or storycasting, involves more than just turning on a microphone and expelling words. There is a “conducting” process when talk-casting that Ben Merens has honed during the course of his 32-year journalism career that has included more than 20 years behind a live microphone.

Your message has two components: you, and the people you want to reach. Through his conversational style, Ben can help bring out a confident, comfortable version of you that speaks directly to your listeners.

This business service allows firms to reach both internal and external audiences.

Within your company, podcasting is a great way to efficiently communicate. Executives can reach internal audiences without disrupting their work day because employees can listen at their own convenience. Ben offers coaching on how you can deliver ideas with energy, efficiency, and passion.

When your firm is seeking new clients, Ben works with you to develop a focused pitch that can open the door to long-term business relationships. By the time you are in your first face-to-face meeting with a new client, you’ll know you’re sitting with an interested business partner.

When nurturing the relationship with your existing clients, a podcast allows your firm to stay connected and foster future business opportunities.