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Hat’s Off To Yesterday’s Miller Park Umpires – 17 Innings and No Rest

The Milwaukee Brewers accomplished a rare feat yesterday – they won. And, they did so in record-breaking fashion by going 17 innings at Miller Park to beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 7-6 on a walk-off homer by Martin Maldonado. While fans know the names of such key players as Brewer’s Ryan Braun and Carlos Gomez, and might even have heard of Arizona’s Jarrod Saltalamacchia – I want to introduce you to four names of men without…Continue Reading »

Listening Is Worth Celebrating

Today’s listening tip: Celebrate your ability to hear and listen closely to someone today. 6-1-15 What a gift it is to have our senses working well. Hearing someone’s story is indeed worth celebrating. The celebration is two-fold — that you can hear and that you can help another person feel validated by acknowledging a story that is part of his/her life’s journey.

The Choice of Positive Thinking

Today’s Listening Tip: Think positively. Hear promise. Embrace each day. 5-29-15 We all have a choice each day. Thinking positively is a choice that is harder for us on some days than others — but it is always within our grasp. Because tomorrow is promised to no one, holding off on that positive thought might mean that you run out of time and opportunities to see what is good and right in front of you….Continue Reading »

Letting Others Know They Matter

Today’s listening tip: Hear the kind wishes from others when they come your way and let everyone who offers them know how much they mean to you. 5-28-15 People don’t always realize how well their words are received. In fact, many people have no idea how much of a positive impact they are having on the world. When someone says something that makes you feel good or re-inforces a positive aspect of your life, take…Continue Reading »

Today’s Listening Tip

Hearing another voice their pain is a gift; aiding them in dealing with that pain is a blessing. 5-27-15

Today’s Listening Tip

Your path in life is often determined by the people you listen to…unless you fail to hear them. 5-26-15

Today’s Listening Tip

Make plans. Fulfill them. Ditch them when another needs you to listen. 5-22-15

Today’s Listening Tip

When you listen to another in the moment, you are truly living. 5-21-15

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Conflict happens. We all know this. But it can quickly be calmed by a simple, kind response. At a recent men’s league softball game I played in, a young man started hurling F-bombs when he was thrown out at first and the first baseman called him out along with the umpire. As it turns out, the first baseman batted first as his team came off the field and the angry batter was now the catcher….Continue Reading »

Today’s Listening Tip

Give your time; Give your attention; Give your presence. And know that you will always be the better for it. 5-20-15