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Listening Is To Caregiving As Breathing Is To Living

We all have the chance to make the world a different, and better, place – each and every day. While this difference might not be cataclysmic, throughout your life it is significant. The choices you make on a daily basis determine the impact you can have. When dealing with a caregiving role, your willingness to “hear” the other person’s needs, wants and stories is critical. When we give our listening attention to another, we allow…Continue Reading »

Today’s Listening Tip

Hear the challenges in your life as an invitation to grow. 5-19-15

Today’s Listening Tip

Truly listening to another’s pain means finding the strength to quiet your own. 5-18-15

Today’s Listening Tip

Embrace silence to allow others to have a voice. 5-15-15

Listening — More Profitable Than Selling

The key to growing your business in the next 12 months is not about your marketing campaign. It isn’t about how well you craft your sales pitch. It isn’t even about the periodic price discounts you offer. The key to growing your business is listening to the stories of your customers. The real business that needs to take place today for long-term sustainability is about relational selling and not transactional selling. You have a choice….Continue Reading »

Today’s Listening Tip

Nature speaks to us daily…with a roar and/or a whisper. Hear it and spread the word. 5-14-15

Treating People With Dignity By Showing Them Respect

Treat people with dignity by showing them respect is motto of the firm I work for – Vistelar – but it is far more than that. Earlier this week, my wife and I sat stranded in New York’s La Guardia Airport after laying her father to rest over the weekend. As our plane joined the long list of “delayed until further notice” due to weather and runway congestion, I started up a conversation with Lisa….Continue Reading »

“Empathic Listening: Key to Personal Connections.”

The key to managing any form of conflict is communication. And, when it comes to caring for the elderly – especially those with any degree of dementia – this key is hard to attain. But the caregiving “angels” whose life work revolves around elder caregiving are gathering next week in the Wisconsin Dells for the 29th Annual Wisconsin Network Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias. I am privileged to be presenting a workshop entitled,…Continue Reading »

Today’s Listening Tip

Hear with your ears but listen with your heart. 5-10-15

The Difference Each of Us Can Make

Being alive means making a difference. I meet a lot of people who tell me they are no one special. They don’t really count for much. I beg to differ. We all have a chance to change the world. In fact, our being here makes the world a slightly different place…no matter what we do and who we are. This isn’t some scientifically-based research finding or a religious dogma of some sort. It is just…Continue Reading »