Today’s listening tip: Choose to hear the good fortunes in your life today and you’ll truly be a rich man/woman. 6-11-15

You hold great power in your hands today. You can choose to focus on what is good or what is bad in your life. You can see what is working or what is broken. You can be positive or be negative. These basics truths are really quite powerful. They make the difference in how you live and feel about your life. They make a difference in how others view you. They make a difference in how others feel about you and speak about you. In other words, they make all the difference. I’m not talking about blind optimism here — Being centered in the real and the now is important but where is your focus? What are you shining light and attention on right now? You get to choose. I find that we get stuck sometimes in the “negative.” We can’t help but see what isn’t right in our lives or the lives of those around us. This doesn’t mean there isn’t good in front of you — but when we allow the “rut” to rule our perspective…the good gets lost. Need some help? — How about feeling good about being able to “hear” my message right now? How about feeling good about being able to see and read this? How about feeling good about your current breath? Please feel free to post one “thing” you can feel good about. Let’s share this and fire up a ton of positive energy through a shift toward looking at things with a more appreciative eye. It never fails me. I hope it helps you too.