Today’s listening tip: Listening is not a passive act. Lean forward into the messages of others and let them know you are present. 6-10-15

Great listening is difficult to do if you are busy doing something else and half-heartedly listening to someone else. Great listening is a full-body pursuit. It also can be a calming experience for you as when you focus on just being present and listening to another, all else gets put aside. This means that you actually “relax” into your listening to another (or yourself) and allow your breathing to deepen, your pulse to slow down, and your mind, heart & soul to center. And, the person you’re offering this listening experience to will pick up on the fact that you are giving so much of yourself to him/her. They will appreciate your effort. And, you will have made a major impact on the life of another. Now what else do you have to do today that is more important than this?