1. Pee (often…always do this first…before car rides; meetings; even sex; as we age…our bladder is our number one concern.
  2. Drink lots of water – it’s a basic (and helps with #1) but many of us don’t do this. Some coffee to start the day is fine…and maybe an occasional soda (and an evening alcoholic beverage) but the key to good health is staying hydrated – water is still best for this (not sports drinks or energy drinks or something someone wants to sell you – just good old fashioned water.)
  3. Eat light – as we age, the food of our youth should become just that…the burgers, pizza and mega-portions need to give way to roughage; fruits and vegetables and smaller portions. You might end up eating more than 3 times a day…but grazing works.
  4. Move – there is no one right exercise plan – I like light weight-lifting; short, gentle cardio programs (20-30 minutes); and lots of time in the pool. I tend to do a lot of deep water treading instead of lap swimming. The most important message here guys is move your body. Don’t sit for more than an hour at work – if you’re allowed to get up. Talk a walk every 50-60 minutes…short but moving. (See rule #1). Drinking water all day forces you to pee – and to pee – you have to walk (see the pattern here guys).
  5. Practice deep breathing several times a day – this can be done while sitting; standing; or moving. Let your body oxygenate and hydrate – all day long.
  6. Stretch a lot – again, the movement doesn’t have to be training for a marathon or iron man competition – you just need to move, breath, hydrate and stretch – you use your body regularly so it doesn’t get stiff on you.
  7. Smile – force yourself if you have to – or better yet, think of something that makes you smile – this is good for you inside and for the you people see from the outside. (You know, people hear you smile when you talk on the phone).
  8. Sleep – there’s no substitute for rest when your body is tired. There’s no truth to the idea (I’ll have plenty of sleep when I’m dead). Your body needs regular rest to replenish on a mental, physical and spiritual level. Now, most of us 50-plus guys won’t ever know an eight-hour sleep ever again, but a nightly 6-7 hours can work wonders. (I also love naps but most of us can’t make time for them – especially if we work – so the nightly rest is crucial).
  9. Love – Find someone or something to love – especially if you find yourself on the high side of 50 and alone. This doesn’t have to kill your spirit – but no one can do this for you but you. You’ve never been smarter or more able than you are today – remember this and count on it.
  10. Aim to die healthy – We’re all going to die someday but we don’t have to go out with tubes everywhere; riddled with cancer; and/or unable to move on our last day on earth. Being healthy everyday allows you to die healthy too.