Today’s listening tip: In confrontation, anyone can hear their own position, real listening involves hearing your opponent. 6-9-15

This one is so much easier to write than for us to actually put into practice. When we are in conflict with someone, it is only natural to see the situation in an “Us vs. Them” scenario. But, if we can find the wisdom to see even the most contentious situations as an “Us” scenario, then the above tip is achievable. Actually, it is because we don’t¬†actually see the other person as our “opponent” that we can truly hear them in the spirit of “Us.” I’m not saying this is easy or that I have found the way to do this as well as I would like to — but I know this is the right way to proceed when in conflict. Good luck and feel free to write me privately about how this is working for you. I’d like to hear your story. Ben.