Listening Is An Action & An Attitude

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Your time to listen to others may be limited but your willingness to listen doesn’t have to be. Listening is not only something you actively do — it also should carry a positive attitude with it. When you listen with a willing attitude, you are letting the speaker know that you want to hear what they have to say. You are letting them know that what they have to say matters, hence they matter. And…Continue Reading »

You’ll Be Older Too

Today’s listening tip: Loving an elder can be as simple as just sharing some minutes of silence with them. While older people can take a little longer to share their stories, they’ve earned the time. The older each of us gets, the more we can appreciate what it must be like to be even older — and a bit slower of thought, movement, etc. But what a show of respect not to let our youth…Continue Reading »

Gaining Power Through The Discipline of Listening

People are dying to be heard

Today’s listening tip: Speaking gets you attention. Listening gives you power. Get powerful today. 6-17-15 So often we think that if we are controlling the conversation, that is to say that we’re the dominant voice, that we are controlling the information exchange. However, our strength truly lies in our ability to really hear what someone is saying to us; let them know that we heard them; and reap the benefits of being known as a…Continue Reading »

Make Time Management A Priority

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Today’s listening tip: When time is limited, make sure to keep your stories focused and allow a friend time to share his/her story too. 6-16-15 We all like to “show and tell” but time forces us to have boundaries. And, when you take someone else’s time into account, you are showing him/her the ultimate respect. This holds true at work and at home. How often do you sit through a meeting that goes way over…Continue Reading »

Making A World Of Difference By Sitting Still

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Today’s listening tip: In the sacred time that we have on this earth, you can make a world of difference by sitting still and listening to another. Sit very still today. 6-12-15 Getting somewhere in life doesn’t always mean that you must be moving. We can “travel” by sitting still and engaging with another and learning lessons from the stories they share. We make a difference by our presence not necessarily because of how many…Continue Reading »

Good Fortune Is Often A Choice In What You Choose To See

Uni-Tasking: 25 Tips for better Listening

Today’s listening tip: Choose to hear the good fortunes in your life today and you’ll truly be a rich man/woman. 6-11-15 You hold great power in your hands today. You can choose to focus on what is good or what is bad in your life. You can see what is working or what is broken. You can be positive or be negative. These basics truths are really quite powerful. They make the difference in how…Continue Reading »

Why Listening To Another Fully Can Change Their World

People are dying to be heard

Today’s listening tip: Listening is not a passive act. Lean forward into the messages of others and let them know you are present. 6-10-15 Great listening is difficult to do if you are busy doing something else and half-heartedly listening to someone else. Great listening is a full-body pursuit. It also can be a calming experience for you as when you focus on just being present and listening to another, all else gets put aside….Continue Reading »

Resolving Conflict Often Means Really Listening To Your “Opponent”

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Today’s listening tip: In confrontation, anyone can hear their own position, real listening involves hearing your opponent. 6-9-15 This one is so much easier to write than for us to actually put into practice. When we are in conflict with someone, it is only natural to see the situation in an “Us vs. Them” scenario. But, if we can find the wisdom to see even the most contentious situations as an “Us” scenario, then the…Continue Reading »

Today I Said Good-Bye To A Dear Friend

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She died much too soon. Lauren Arnold was only 41 – Born and raised in Milwaukee, she moved to Phoenix and began a transgender journey of transformation from Lance to Lauren. She lived as a pre-op female and donated time to a church that tended to gender-challenged teens trying to find their way. It was shortly after leaving “work” on May 17th when an apparently inebriated driver hit her traveling at 40 mph. Lauren most…Continue Reading »

The Miracle of Being Present and Listening To Another’s Story

Today’s listening tip: Everyone has a story to tell – only you can choose to be the one to hear it. 6-5-15 Simple enough advice — yet so many of us think we don’t have the time to hear another’s story. We think we have too much to do and too little time to get our “work” done. Please re-think this every day when offered the chance to interact with someone and let stories be…Continue Reading »